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The KC Foundation 
Founded by Katlyn Knudsen in January 2020
In memory of Katlyn’s Dad
Christian S. Knudsen, Jr. 

In Memory of My Dad Christian S. Knudsen, Jr.

My Dad was a home builder who took great pride in his work helping Maryland families build the home of their dreams. When business was good and even when times were tight, I grew up witnessing my Dad’s giving to our community. During the Holiday Season, I would go with him shopping for families in need in our area. Giving back was Dad’s nature.


When the housing market collapsed in 2008, like countless others in the housing industry, my Dad lost everything. Our family was thrust from a carefree life to being financially insecure, housing insecure, and even food insecure. Financial distress exacts a toll on our physical and mental health. My Dad died suddenly, in his sleep, in January 2015.  


In the past year, we have witnessed global devastation of the pandemic inflicted on families, with lost loved ones, with lost jobs, and lost homes.  

We have seen images of endless seas of cars lined up in multiple rows in parking lots at stadiums and other large venues, all with families, waiting in line for hours, to receive a donation of a bag of groceries placed in their trunks.

Many organizations passionately serve Greater Baltimore. They provide critical access to affordable housing and healthcare and are visible in our communities providing food and other vital resources.   


Yet, the pandemic has made the ongoing need for food on the tables of families in need in Greater Baltimore even more urgent - and now, more than ever in our lifetimes, for so many more of us.


I founded the KC Foundation, in memory of my Dad, to continue his legacy of generosity and passion for life. Since losing my Dad, like many others who are grieving from loss, I have found that the Holiday Season is a particularly challenging time of the year. By helping to fulfill the need to defeat hunger among us in Greater Baltimore, I feel closer to my Dad, a giving man, who I miss every day.


- Katlyn Knudsen, Founder (January 2020)

The Mission

The KC Foundation serves the Greater Baltimore Community by providing food directly to those among us who are in need.

Our Goal

By working with our community partners such as Churches and Civic Organizations our goal is “250 every 30” that is, providing food to at least 250 families each month 

Our Strategy

The KC Foundation is presently working with its community partners   With a special focus locally on South Baltimore which we intend to expand through Greater Baltimore  as we develop best practices and form strategic partnerships. As set forth in our Blog our community events have been a tremendous success and the overwhelming turnout of those in need of food provides us with a stark reminder of the importance of the work.            

"With our boots on the ground,   We provide food for those in need in the    Greater Baltimore Community.”    

- Katlyn Knudsen, Founder